Posted by: yachtcrewsing | July 27, 2011

Grocery Shopping in the Hamptons

   One of the best things I get paid to do is go grocery shopping. It sounds ridiculous, as in my former life as an impoverished student I absolutely hated it, being as my budget did not allow for much more than rice, a few apples and a can of chickpeas now and again. Now when I shop, i am solely preoccupied with snacks and toiletries for crew and guests; fun, superfluous things that are supplemental to the amazing culinary creations of our chef. Cereal, cookies, candy, chocolate, chips, granola bars and drinks heap the shopping cart.

   It may not sound like much, but it really can amount to quite a lot of groceries. I have to try and accommodate the wide-ranging tastes aboard, spanning from the healthy eaters to the junk food addicts. Snacks also follow the exasperating law of fads, making it very difficult to keep up. In December of last year all eight crew were vehemently devouring popcorn and Special K. After stocking up accordingly, they all simultaneously took a supreme disinterest in both; we are only now reaching the end of our stocks by way of force-feeding and cajoling.

   The boat is currently at anchor in Long Island, so getting to the grocery store is more of a mission than normal. One of the deck boys take us in the tender from the yacht, down a river and deposit us on the tiny marina dock where a rented Jeep Cherokee is waiting for us. After this effort, we drive the ten minutes past Southampton’s summer homes and into the upscale faux- quaint town centre; a place littered with wildly expensive boho chic boutiques, health food stores charging $35 for a jar of almond butter, and jaunty tennis attire stores. Yes, we have arrived in the Hamptons, daahling.

   It took the whole morning to get into town, pick up some specialty items from said health food store and do a brief 5 bag grocery shop. We also went into the famed Southampton bakery Tates, which is every bit as amazing as it is renowned to be. The storefront is nestled in a little white building, with flowers spilling from windows and dainty Parisian style tables outside. Walking through the door, one is overwhelmed by the sight of cookies, muffins, cakes and everything else delicious attractively displayed in the small space. A joint gourmet coffee cafe, the scent of baked goods intermingles with the sweet smell of baking, making the place tantalizing both visually and aromatically.

   We headed back just in time for lunch, our bags of fresh cookies and other treats for the boys nestled in the bow of the tender.


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