Posted by: yachtcrewsing | August 3, 2011

An Aerial Tour of NYC; or, Last Minute Plans

In the world of super yachting, planning is a luxury afforded only to owners and guests. At no point do we have any definite idea of what we will be doing in the proceeding day, month or year. This is not to say that we do not have a vague plan (for instance, we correctly thought we would be spending this summer in New England, but had no notion of what that entailed in regards to guests, locations or dates).

This is just a brief introduction to a topic which I could (and doubtless will) greatly expound on. It is not the point of this particular story. The crux of the matter is that this habitual last-minute routine led me to revise my plans; from spending today wandering around Newport for my first day off in nearly 3 weeks to flying home. My captain granted me rare permission to take time off (during the summer! Unheard of) and fly home for a few days. I booked my ticket late last night, and departed from the Providence airport early this morning.

Sequentially, this leads me to the title of this blog post- an aerial tour of New York City. My stopover at LaGuardia afforded me an incredible tour of the city as we circled the entire metropolitan area in waiting for a landing time. With only me and 2 others populating the aircraft, it was akin to a tour in a private jet. My bemusement and frustration at the sheer inability of US Airways to ever operate on time faded into wonder at the sight of the minuscule statue of liberty, the ferry boats drawing a white path through navy blue waters and the office towers reduced to imaginative replications of children’s models.

If this was a ploy to placate disgruntled customers then well played US Airways. If only you now had a way to amuse me at the supremely dull LaGuardia airport while I wait for my flight, characteristically delayed by an hour and a half…





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