Posted by: yachtcrewsing | August 12, 2011

The One Year Mark

It has officially been one year since I began working on this yacht. ONE YEAR! Before beginning this job I would have doubtless told anyone that I would not last a full year in any job, at least not without significant amounts of boredom and general unhappiness. But here I am- I could not be happier with my present situation, and have no immediate plans for abandoning my current occupation. When I graduated from university 15 months ago, occupations seemed to predominantly act as a means to an end. This is not to say that I did not enjoy my various jobs as a camp counsellor, tree planter, waitress, etc. but rather that I did them out of necessity to pay for tuition, textbooks and living costs. If given the choice, I would have happily spent my summers volunteering overseas, at a local charity or traveling. Instead I worked additional jobs in order to be able to finance such ventures.

People from my ‘other life’ repeatedly ask me how long I will be doing this for, some with an incredulous intonation that betrays their true meaning of: “when will you stop this ridiculous nonsense and get a REAL job?”

The truth is that I have no idea. The beauty of this job is that I am not bound by any form of long contractual obligation. When I eventually leave (or get fired), I am required to give or be given a month notice or salary. That’s all; a befitting agreement binding our transient lifestyle.

Within the year that I have been onboard, I have sailed to and been temporarily based out of: Newport Rhode Island, Milford Connecticut and Ft. Lauderdale Florida in the US and the islands of Antigua, St. Maarten, St. Vincent and the Grenadines, St. Barths and the Bahamas. I have spent approximately one out of my twelve months at sea. I have been scuba diving in Saba, raced amongst 40 of the worlds largest superyachts, spent multiple weekends exploring NYC, met countless people from all backgrounds and nationalities and so many more incredible experiences that would not have been afforded to me by any other means.

One year in, I feel extremely fortunate that I unexpectedly fell into this industry.


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