Posted by: yachtcrewsing | August 15, 2011

Day Sails

In the summertime, the majority of guests that we entertain onboard are on for a day sail, predominantly entailing that they are on from 4 to 8 hours. These are also usually very tenuous appointment, beginning with guests telling us they will come “some day this week.” Our notice usually spans anywhere from one to 12 hours.

I imagine that most guests labour under the delusion that we are sitting around idly twiddling our thumbs and waiting for the moment when they call. Sadly, this is not the case. The engineers often need to undertake major jobs which require them to completely rip apart the interior of the boat (much to our consternation). In turn, we stewardesses spend most of this time trailing along behind them, hurriedly tidying in their wake. They claim that this utter devastation that they inflict on the boat is ‘highly necessary for the operation of the vessel’… Or something along those lines. Thus, this regular saga cannot be performed when someone may show up at any moment.

Getting the boat ready just for day guests is actually relatively more time consuming then would be intuitively thought. Protective covers which have been placed over paintings need to be removed. Our extensive garden of orchid pots need to be pleasantly scattered around the boat. Daytime charter uniforms (khaki skorts and black shirts for girls, khaki pants and white polo shirts for the boys) need to be neatly placed on each crew member’s bunk. Glasses need to be polished and placed near the entrance along with water jugs (sparkling and still) and platters of small hors d’oeuvres. Runners covering the carpet need to be taken up. The most time consuming, however, is that we stewardesses need to make ourselves look clean and presentable; uniform immaculate, hair perfect (no mean feat with the unruly curls that wildly disseminate from my face) and plaster a pleasant smile onto our faces.

Don’t get me wrong. I really do enjoy having people onboard for day sails- so far our guests have all been lovely, interesting, grateful and incredibly enthusiastic. Also, it is lovely to get the yacht out sailing, with as many sails up as the wind permits. Standing on deck, happily enjoying the wind and water and occasionally serving drinks is definitely one of the better ways to spend a work day. If only we were given more definite dates and times by guests…



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