Posted by: yachtcrewsing | August 16, 2011

Yachts through the Eyes of a Child

Today we had a gaggle of kids onboard for a day sail (see previous post). Initially I harbored slight misgivings; images of chocolate chips being ground into our cream-colored carpets, hours of work on perfectly made beds undone in a single jump, greasy little paw prints on everything… Basically complete, unorganized chaos.

The veritable apocalypse which I envisaged was not even close to being manifested. Instead, we found ourselves hosting little boys from the ages of 4 to 9 who were all very polite and delightful individuals. The best part though? There is nothing quite like experiencing life through the eyes of a child in order to realign ones perspective. They see everything as amazing, as extraordinary and as gigantic. Seeing them run around the boat and revel in the vastness of her interior really made me freshly appreciate just how large and impressive this vessel is. Her design is incredibly ergonomic, every last hand carved piece of wood having it’s own specific function and purpose. No space is wasted, no cupboard or drawer left unused. The woodwork is in itself a piece of art – multiple types of tree wood is sculpted and aligned to form a fluid, flawless design. The interior (and exterior) is truly amazing.

As for the children’s wonderment at the sheer size of the boat, it’s elegant aft guest cabins, upper and lower seating areas and forward crew quarters- it made me re-think just how massive this yacht is. When I joined the boat a year ago, I was perpetually floored by the sheer size and capacity of the vessel. I had worked on a 60 foot boat in Greece and Turkey the summer before, which had in turn seemed massive. At two and a half times that sailboats size, living aboard this yacht required me to seriously realign my perception of what constituted a ‘large’ sailing vessel. On first joining this boat, I told crew members about working on the beautiful 60 foot Benetau and they replied with: “oh, so you worked on a small boat then.” I was shocked. “Would we say that??” I replied incredulously.

After working in the yachting industry for a year, I now consider this boat to be large but not massive. We are one of the 80 or so largest sailing yachts in the world, and yet we are continually amongst the top ten (who are capable of dwarfing us). There are a number of major sailing hubs in the world where all of the largest boats go to- Newport and Ft. Lauderdale in the US and Antigua and St. Martin in the Caribbean. Continually traveling with these boats alters one’s perception of size. Seeing her through the eyes of these little children, unaccustomed to such things as most adult guests are, reaffirms what she truly is- unique, incredible and supremely special.



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