Posted by: yachtcrewsing | August 31, 2011

The Maine Event

   The requisite post-hurricane celebration occurred last night in a lobster shack in Bar Harbor, Maine. After a few days at anchor languishing in a routine of nap-2 hour watch-board game-movie-nap, it was both enjoyable and necessary for our sanity that we vacate the vessel for a small period of time; being as we were in Maine, the only natural action seemed to be to do something vaguely lobster related.

   Leaving the captain on board, we set out on a 2-mile tender ride through the maze of lobster pots and onto the personal quay of our restaurant of choice. Stewman’s Lobster Pound was much larger than I had expected- the jauntily decorated restaurant spanned an upper and lower deck, 2 indoor structures and an outdoor kitchen displaying massive metal lobster boiling receptacles. The décor was distinctly faux- authentic-New-England-quaint-fishing-village. Slightly touristy, but befitting the self-same theme of Bar Harbor; the town is practically predicated on the marketing of everything lobster- from candies and stuffed toys to socks.

  We met up with the crew from another yacht who had likewise fled from Newport, all of us selecting some form of lobster from the menu. The meal was a messy one; despite sporting bibs (humourously emblazoned with the words ‘Let’s get Cracking!’), there was an abundance of sea-creature-water flying through the air. Many of us being relatively inexperienced in the art of eating such interactive meals, we were continually referring to the directions on our menus. Intently staring at the placemats, bibs askew, metal nut crackers in one hand and lobster appendage dangling from the other we looked like the arts and crafts table at a 3-year-old’s birthday party.

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