Posted by: yachtcrewsing | September 7, 2011

Yard Period, Phase One

There is no question about it- this is a super yacht transformed. I am now living aboard a ship on which the interior would suggest the addition of the prefix ‘space’ might be better described. Smurf-blue, tire-track embossed plastic sheeting covers every inch of the walls and floor, save for areas in which wires and metal are exposed. Here the electronic snakes burst out of wall panelings, floors and ceilings, entangling clothing and hair when catching an unwitting crewmate unaware. All of the furniture has been transplanted from it’s lavish home amongst mahogany and soft carpet to an austere, minimalist style metal container.

For the past few days, since our return from Maine last Wednesday, I have been preoccupied with initiating this transformation- from a delicate supremely kid-unfriendly superyacht to practically bomb proof. Using thousands of meters of blue painters tape, hundreds of meters of foam and blue sheeting and many man hours, it is almost complete. Now trot in the contractors, carpenters and marble polishers…


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