Posted by: yachtcrewsing | September 26, 2011

A Snapshot of Harvard

There are two types of people who wander with me through these idyllic pathways- some of the brightest minds who have come to study, and averagely-bright minds who have come to view said geniuses in their natural habitat. The main campus square is a place of contradictory indolent activity. First-years throw a frisbee in a tight circle (most adorned in residence t-shirts – a proud symbol of their belonging). Tibetan buddhist monks in bright saffron robes with shaved heads – symbolizing the renouncement of worldly possessions – eagerly snap photos with digital cameras. A small six-year-old boy impressively wobbles on a unicycle as he and his father play catch. An immaculately-suited, bespectacled, elderly man delightedly takes dozens of photos of a squirrel on a tree branch. Amongst this array of personalities and activities people sit on brightly colored chairs under the protective roofs of elm branches, reading and writing in the Eden demarcated by the elegant red brick Harvard buildings. A beautiful campus clearly designed to both still and stimulate the minds of students and faculty, an incubator for creativity and development of genius.



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