Posted by: yachtcrewsing | October 24, 2011

Plans, Trains, Ferries and U-Haul Trucks; or, Life as Usual

The central theme of my life in the past month has been travel and transportation. After flying home for a week’s vacation of visiting friends and family, I took a train to Montreal and then drove the 7 hour journey back to the boat along with a fellow crew member. After five days of working and acclimatizing back to employment as usual, I was on a train bound for NYC, where I spent the past weekend visiting two friends of mine from the tall ship on which I used to live. I got back home at midnight last night and was up at 5:30 this morning and back on the old dusty trail. Today’s workday entailed that my chief stewardess and I make the lengthy trip to Long Island; The purpose was to drop off a U-Haul truck full of unnecessary items from our boat’s storage container previously situated in Palma, Spain.

The day was long- it involved an early start, 2 slightly sleep-deprived girls in an industrial-sized U-Haul truck, and lots of coffee. We drove to New London, Connecticut where we caught the 8 o’clock ferry to Orient Point on Long Island. The trip was pleasant, with calm seas, tea, napping and a bit of iPad Trivial Pursuit. Once we arrived in Long Island, we had a two hour trip to our boss’s house via scenic back roads. After hearing about Long Island as the playpen of New York’s elite, I envisaged the island as place of sprawling stone mansions surrounded by ponds and gardens, Versailles- like in their manicured exactitude. Although this does exist in areas, Long Island as a whole gives of a sense of genuine pastoral charm and simplicity. Pumpkin and apple farms are so prevalent that they nearly double the proportion of land occupied with vineyards (and that’s saying something). Overall, the majority of the island is remarkably unassuming. Perhaps this is precisely why it is so beloved by the upper class Americans- it provides an antithetical landscape, both physical and social, to that of Manhattan.

After arriving at our destination and laboriously unloading our motley collection of old technological equipment, sailing gear and household items, we were back on the road. Stopping only briefly for a a delectable lunch at a country kitchen in Mattituck, we did the driving/ferry/driving trip in reverse, arriving home at 6:00 pm. It was a long 12-hour day on the job, but the diversity of tasks and inconsistency of hours is part of the reason that I love my occupation so much.

And for my next trip? I will be in Salem, Massachusetts for a witch-filled Halloween weekend, shortly followed by Iceland! Just a few more planes, trains and busses…



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