Posted by: yachtcrewsing | November 19, 2011

Iceland, Summarized

Desolate- that descriptor seems to convey an accurate sense of the Icelandic countryside as a whole. The barren landscape, painted with a surprisingly vivid earthy palette of greens, yellows, blacks, reds and pristine whites, stretches for hundreds of miles. Occasionally this expanse is interrupted by small ‘towns’ comprised of a handful of houses haphazardly erected in close proximity. Most houses, however, exist as lone stalwart punctuators of the vast expanse.

In November, the starkness of the landscape is accentuated by the virtual absence of tourists who inundate the area in summer months. The information booths and most tours shut down in September, and the country is restored to it’s winter solitudinous hibernation. The quiet and peace readily available at this time of year is one of the primary reasons why my boyfriend and I chose to vacation in iceland. That, and the fact that being Canadians in an occupation which causes us to indulge in permanent summer, we yearned for some snow and cold.

Iceland is a place of both commonality and multiplicity. The barren landscape has an incredible diversity, displaying everything from waterfalls to lava fields to mossy hills, snow covered mountains and beautiful sand beaches. Within this physical area, the social and cultural landscape is one which displays a beautiful traditional cohesiveness.

There is certainly nothing glamorous or pretentious about the country; it is simply a place of immense natural beauty and charm. As such, it is the ideal vacation spot for anyone interested in outdoor pursuits, having innumerable activities to partake in such as hiking, mountain biking, snowmobiling, kayaking, riding, caving and ice climbing. In addition to these activities, the incredible landscape provides an unparalleled canvas for photographers; this is one place where it is impossible for vacation photographs to turn out badly.


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