Posted by: yachtcrewsing | December 2, 2011

Book Buying

As an individual holding a degree in English literature, I would never have expected to find myself responsible for purchasing books based predominantly on their aesthetic values and dimensions. But there we were, my chief stew and I, measuring the spines of a stack of books in our shopping cart in Barnes and Nobles.

“Only 15.5 inches of books?! Darn. We will need to get a lot more to make it 23. Have we looked in the biography section yet?!”

For the past few weeks, one of my jobs has been to restock the bookshelves in two of our guest cabins. The former inhabitants of these shelves, such as the Twilight series and paperback crime novels left over from previous crew members, did little to enhance the super-yachting-classy image that we are trying to achieve. Thus, we donated all of these items of high literature and went on a major mission that required I spend a great deal of time (much to my delight) in Barnes and Noble and used bookstores (my absolute favorite places).

Beyond the aesthetics necessity of the novels, the actual selection has mostly been left to my discretion. I eventually compiled a beautiful collection of sailing, adventure, biography and classical literature for the queen cabin, and an array of stunningly bound children’s classics ranging from To Kill a Mockingbird to Arabian Nights to Lord of the Flies for the cabin with two twin beds (often occupied by youth).

And who said that I would never utilize my degree in English Literature?



  1. Literally laughed out loud…. I had to read this out loud to my husband!

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