Posted by: yachtcrewsing | December 13, 2011

Day 4 At Sea

29° 12.96 N
066° 44.07W
Heading 127°
Speed 11.5 knots

When at sea, normal temporal modes of timing do not apply; days are obsolete and blend into a single repetition of 3 hours of watch at night and 4 during the day. One third of our time at sea is spent outside, in the helm station, along with two other crew members. The remaining two thirds is preoccupied by sleeping, eating, watching movies and reading.

It is a relatively indolent lifestyle, but given the exertion and long days prior to our departure, rest is highly essential.

Watch is a time for chatting with one’s two fellow watch members, playing verbal games that allow for continuous monitoring of the water, and for introspection. There is something intensely peaceful and humbling about bobbing around on the ocean, an insignificant dirigible object in a wide expanse of uninterrupted sea and sky. There is truly nothing more beautiful and eerie than this experience. The white light of a half moon dances on the crest of waves and phosphorescent sea creatures mark a glowing trail behind. Cool night air gently swirls into the arch of the sail, and as the yacht slowly rocks, a content swishing sound is vocalized by the waves and the boat’s hull.

Spending long periods of time at sea is one of the many privileges of my job; although torturous in stomach-churning bad weather, it is an unparalleled experience during all other times.


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