Posted by: yachtcrewsing | December 16, 2011

A Brief Stop in the British Virgin Islands

The BVI’s are a beautiful group of islands just East of Puerto Rico, where lush green mountains cascade down to white sand beaches and azure blue water. Renowned as a wonderful villa vacation and cruising ground, the area is popular with small yacht charters; over the Christmas period, the coves are busy with boats sailing from one haven to the next. For those who like the sea, it is the perfect moveable holiday blissfully devoid of hundreds of fellow cruise ship passengers.   

Due to a line getting thoroughly entangled in our propeller (see ‘Mishaps at Sea’), we were required to stop in the first place that provided adequate shelter from the swells to dive down and sever it. This safe haven came in the form of the beautiful Jost Van Dyke, an island in the British Virgin Islands.

With most of the crew jumping in the 28° C water to help, the propeller-release mission proved to be a success, yielding an incredible 5 foot long and 4.5 inch diameter rope.

After cruising in between the lush tropical islands of the BVIs we are now back out at sea, smashing through the waves like a rocket ship at 15.4 knots after successfully reclaiming the power of our engine and harnessing the wind.


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