Posted by: yachtcrewsing | January 25, 2012

Antigua’s Chic Gastronomical Options

   For a small Caribbean island, Antigua hosts a surprising array of fabulous restaurants offering international and Caribbean-fusion cuisine. In the past few days I have been fortunate enough to partake in a lunch and dinner at two such outstanding establishments: Sheer Rocks and Carmichael’s.  What set these apart from the plethora of other restaurants in the vicinity of Jolly Harbour was that they both combined character, unique ambiance, excellent service (a distinct rarity on the island) and stunning vistas, especially at sunset.

   Sheer Rocks is intertwined with the exclusive Cocobay Resort (yet fully separate), and is a perfect choice for a romantic evening or special occasion. A myriad of small pools and hot tubs are interspersed with plush cabanas whose white drapes lazily blow in the sea breeze; wooden walkways and rope bridges winding along the cliff-side connect secluded sections of paradise available for diner’s pre- or post-meal drinks.

   This is a place where luxury is affordable without being cheap and intimate without the sense of vacancy.


   Carmichael’s is located at Sugar Ridge, a beautiful little boutique hotel nestled in the lush hills of Antigua’s western shore. To get to the restaurant (which is situated high up on a hillside), diners are chauffeured up a small steep path in golf carts. At the top guests are greeted with a beautiful open-air loggia and bar with a breathtaking view of the mountains and turquoise sea below. With a slightly more casual atmosphere than at Sheer Rocks, the restaurant’s beautifully minimalistic décor and remote location make it the perfect place to have a long lunch, followed by a cocktail in the restaurant’s own stunning infinity pool.       


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