Posted by: yachtcrewsing | January 28, 2012

Yacht Costume Parties

   In the world of yachting, the primary method of making friends beyond crew members is to socialize at parties. Arguably the best of these that I have been to was held last Wednesday by the motor yacht Scat.

   A horrible name for a vessel perhaps (it is purportedly a Danish term of endearment), they nonetheless know how to throw an incredible dock party. Everyone, irrespective of knowing any crew on the massive 232 foot battleship-like yacht, was invited for their barbecue and drinks with express instructions to dress up as their favorite sport.

   My crew and I showed up at 7:30 as a relay team and 80s aerobics instructors to a party already in full swing. Hanging from the upper superstructure of the yacht was a wide array of sports equipment, including cricket bats and a road bike (which looked like a small toy suspended from the immensely large boat). Massive speakers projected the music into the crowd of costumed crew which was in turn illuminated by the club lights affixed to the yacht. Jockeys and cricket players served platters of sushi to the crowd of around 200 people, urging everyone to help themselves to the French wine and beer cooling in multiple inflatable boats periodically stationed down the dock. A little later a buffet was set up with a wide array of meats, salads and cheeses that was enough to sufficiently fill the entire crowd.

   The party, generously paid for by the owner of M/Y Scat and organized by the crew, was a massive success. Unfortunately, it also set a daunting precedent for Wednesday night yacht parties in Antigua…



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