Posted by: yachtcrewsing | February 1, 2012

New Skills

   One of the best facets of working on a superyacht is the variety of skills that are gleaned, despite specific job parameters. From the engineers I am perpetually learning about wiring, mechanics, refrigeration and safety within their field, while the deck boys and captain regale me with information pertaining to boat maintenance, weather, sail trim and many other subjects both similar and unrelated. Our chef is constantly supplying recipes and cooking lessons, teaching me how to prepare unique and delectable culinary creations. As for us stewardesses? We attempt to instill values of overall order and cleanliness in the rest of the crew, hoping that one day, when they move off of yachts, the boys may to be self-sufficient. (This is a bit of an industry-wide joke, that captains often marry stewardesses because they need someone who understands the level which they have been mothered in their adult life).

   Today a new skill gleaned was that of stripping paint, sanding and varnishing. The leather-covered, wooden-framed chairs in the crew mess have been looking rather battered, so instead of hiring a local team (as we do with the cap rails surrounding the exterior of the boat) we decided to undertake the job ourselves. Under the captain’s seasoned expertise, we were instructed on how to perfectly re-varnish an object, step-by-step. The need for perfection (in addition to many many layers of varnish) ensures that this new project will be both lengthy and exact…


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