Posted by: yachtcrewsing | March 4, 2012

Loterie Farm, St. Martin

Partially because I am feeling mildly guilty about the deprecating nature of my initial blog post on St. Maarten, and partially because I genuinely wish to demonstrate one of the many positive features of this island, I am going to expound on my ever-increasing love for Loterie Farm.

Loterie Farm is a difficult place to accurately depict. Nestled into the side of Pic Paradis, the highest point on the island, it is perhaps best described as an Eco resort fused with an adventure park. Upon entering this veritable Eden, one is immediately entranced by a profound sense of calmness and natural beauty. The leafs of palm trees languidly blow in the breeze, movement mimicked by the array of brightly colored flowers and plants surrounding the area. To one side is the mountain one can either choose to hike or to zip line on, with either a regular or extreme version (a few of us did this last year, and all found it to be terrifically good fun and well worthwhile).

For those not overly enthusiastic about hiking or zip lining, Loterie Farm has a luxurious pool newly opened this season. For the cool price of 20 euros, you will be escorted across a fanciful little wooden bridge, given a towel and shown to a plush lounge chair that is yours for the day. The pool itself is a work of art, with a waterfall at one side, an infinity-pool-esque ledge at the other and is adorned with some beautiful metal modern-art sculptures. It is a heavenly place to relax, and with a constantly attentive pool waiter, you do not even have to leave your lounge chair to receive cocktails or gourmet snacks.

If you tire of the pool, you can then choose to lunch at Loterie Farm’s exquisite restaurant which boasts a menu of gourmet appetizers and local, French and Asian-style cuisine. Adjoining this restaurant by a short walkway is the Treetop Lounge, an open-air structure raised high off the ground and partially supported by large palm trees. Beautiful couches line this lounge, which coupled with funky ambient music and unparalleled cocktails render it one of the best places on the island to enjoy a late-afternoon drink.

With all of these fabulous options to choose from, it is not surprising that my crew and I spent the better half of the day hiking, having lunch, lounging by the pool and then drinking cocktails as the sun set; the perfect way to enjoy one of the delights of St. Maarten.


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