Posted by: yachtcrewsing | March 8, 2012

Preparing for Charter

Tomorrow afternoon we will be picking up our first charter of the season, which will last the duration of for ten days. This fast-approaching deadline means that there is an exceptional amount to be done in relation to cleaning, organizing and provisioning, especially as we have not had guests onboard for over 7 months.

With our charter cost at over $100,000 for a week, everything needs to be absolutely perfect for when our guests arrive. This involves measures from cleaning every nook and cranny of the yacht with Q-Tips to shipping $6,000 of special foods from the U.K. and requested wine from the U.S. to updating the guest iPads and testing numerous types of special coffees and cocktails.

Last week, for us stewardesses, was primarily concerned with shopping for alcohol, drinks and gourmet snacks for the guests (a surprisingly easy venture for a Caribbean island, being as they receive imports from Europe daily). We had to drive around the island to various shops and supermarkets, in addition to a florist to order arrangements for the boat and a special orchid florist to replenish our stock of the beautiful live plants.

This week has been solely devoted to cleaning. I have been intricately detailing the cabins and main salon area, a task involving the impressive use of 6 different products (for wood, glass, gold, marble, ceramic and leather) and careful effort. This morning and afternoon before the guests arrive we will be doing last-minute touches such as placing bathrobes and slippers, putting out bowls of fruit and snacks, cleaning the floors for the last time and making iced tea and cocktails for them when they arrive.

It will certainly be busy around here for the next week, with early starts and going to bed late, and little or no break in between. But, to be honest, after half a year of non-use, I am quite excited to have guests onboard once again!


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