Posted by: yachtcrewsing | March 17, 2012

Fresh Mahi Mahi- From Sea to Plate

The guests that are currently onboard have been tremendously excited by the prospect of catching fish. Our mate, who has spent thousands of dollars on fishing gear but has never caught a fish in his year and a half onboard, was more than happy to indulge their wishes. He (forever optimistic about his prospects of catching a fish) put two fishing rods off of the stern while we were sailing; to our complete and utter surprise he reeled in a decently large Mahi Mahi (aka Dorado) within the hour.

Understandably the guests were elated, and the beautiful yellow-green fish was promptly killed and given to our chef to skin and gut. (It is quite sad to catch a Mahi Mahi, because they are one of the only animal species that mate for life. Thus, their ‘spouse’ swims after the boat and is often caught in conjunction with the initial fish).

And for the main course of the guests’ lunch? A delicious pan seared Mahi Mahi over roasted vegetables.

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