Posted by: yachtcrewsing | March 20, 2012

Charter Finished… Now on to the Next Big Thing!

We dropped off our charter guests yesterday after 9 days, 4 different Caribbean islands, 29 meals cooked and served and a fabulously good time had on their behalf.

Despite the fact that they were dream guests (infinitely appreciative and easygoing), I was nonetheless working 15 or 16 hour days, on my feet the entire time and with only half an hour or less break per day. For my chef, it was even longer days with no break, having to cook three meals a day for both crew and guests (lunch and dinner being three courses). Understandably, as soon as our guests left, we hit the prodigal wall.

In spite of this total exhaustion, we began the seemingly insurmountable loads of laundry, threw out the wilting flower arrangements, put away the guests crystal glasses and generally got the boat back to a clean, streamlined state. Once accomplished (and when the deck crew had similarly dealt with the exterior), we all had celebratory drinks on the aft deck and went out for drinks and dinner to spend a tiny fraction of the generous tip we had received (an amount effectively doubling my salary for the month).

Now that our charter is over, we have a mere two days to get the boat turned over and into racing mode for the St. Barths Bucket 2012. This entails that all of the awnings and unnecessary cruising elements to the yacht be removed, and that all the ‘frills’ on the interior be similarly dealt with. The boat has to look as beautiful and clean as it always does but with an element of simplicity.

Our first practice day is on Wednesday, at which time we will have an extra 25 race crew onboard who have flown in from Europe. Let the fun and adrenaline of superyacht racing begin!


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