Posted by: yachtcrewsing | March 26, 2012

Day Two of Racing- St. Barths Bucket 2012

I have never seen anything like it. Rounding the second last mark of the course were six superyachts, all well heeled over and traveling at immense speeds, all over 140 feet, and all within a mere few hundred meters of each other. Salperton’s bowmen shouted to their helmsmen, tacking only meters away from us, while Marie pushed her way up beside us, gaining on the four Perini Navi cruising boats to her starboard side. To know the power and speed that these yachts are capable of is to understand the unbelievable skill of those involved in this situation; these yachts are supremely fast, incapable of stopping, highly susceptible to changes in wind and not as responsive as one might think. This, coupled with the fact that each of these boats is worth tens of millions of dollars makes this competitive and extremely close race immensely thrilling and awe-inspiring to take part in.

Today was the epitome of a perfect race day, just as much as yesterday was definitely not. It was sunny, warm but not hot, and beautifully windy around the island. Although we began the race nearly at the end of the fleet (starting an hour after the first boat), we managed to catch up predominantly on the upwinds, being as our yacht can head up incredibly close to the wind and thrives in these conditions. In the end, we managed to climb our way through the ranks, beating Moonbird and Marie just before the finish line.

After we had anchored, rinsed off, dried the boat and carefully wooled up the spinnaker in preparation for the next day’s action, we race crew all happily indulged in beers and snacks on the aft deck in the waning Caribbean sun.





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