Posted by: yachtcrewsing | April 18, 2012

A Guest Beach Day…

The deck crew go ahead to set up on the private, white sand beach for you and your guests: a wooden table, chairs and large umbrellas, baskets of towels and sunscreen. You are helped off the aft platform of your temporary superyacht home and into the jet drive tender by two uniformed crew members before being ferried to the secluded beach. Accompanying you are two large wicker picnic hampers with all manner of gourmet cheeses and meats, crackers, breads and salads in addition to cooler bags filled with expensive white and rosé wines, which are carried ashore and set up for you to enjoy….

Such is todays experience for our current guests. After having sailed to Whale Cay yesterday from Nassau, we are now anchored in the Berry Islands for a day of swimming in the stunning azure waters and beach (in)activities… For guests, not us crew. As the euphemism goes, while the cat’s away, the mice will hurriedly iron, vacuum and clean the yacht!





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