Posted by: yachtcrewsing | April 26, 2012

Yacht Photo Shoot, Day 1

   “Today we will be photographing and filming sailing as well as sunset shots on the aft deck and dinner settings and serving. Tomorrow will be lifestyle shots- beach scenes, snorkeling, water skiing, kayaking, paddle boarding…” My raised eyebrows at the last two items caused Charles (“Chaahls”) our posh British photographer to temporarily cease his listing. “You do have kayaks and paddle boards on the boat, don’t you?!”

His surprised tone of implied that these ‘inadequacies’ we’re rendering us irrelevant in the yacht charter scene.

To this, my colleague snidely replied: “we don’t really have the space to put everything… It is a sailing yacht after all. Let me guess, you mostly photograph motor yachts.”

We had enlisting the services of Chaahls’ company for a 3 day comprehensive photo and video shoot of our yacht, the media from which which to be used to create a charter brochure and promotional video. The necessary shots were wide-ranging in order to showcase every last fabulous feature of our boat, from aquatic activities to our guest cabins to our wine fridge, with no nook or cranny left unexplored.

Our first sequence of shots were taken from a helicopter while we were under full sail. With the stunning blues of the Bahamian waters surrounding us and a sufficient amount of wind to fill our sails without requiring de-powering, the boat was able to beautifully showcase her speed and elegance.

After a few hours of sailing (sans helicopter) we arrived at the Berry Islands, a postcard perfect chain of remote, pristine beaches and perfect blue water. This backdrop provided the setting for our sunset shots on the aft deck where we set up a table complete with champagne and berries, and a cheese board which I was instructed to place on the table and walk away from (for the video). The remainder of the evening followed in a similar vein- my chief stewardess and I hurriedly created elegant table settings, polished wine glasses and cutlery, created martinis as show pieces and generally made the yacht look as beautiful as it would if we had guests onboard that were paying over $100,000 a week.

Surprisingly exhausted from the day’s activities, we finally finished shooting around 10:00 PM, and curled into our bunks before our 6:30 start the following morning.


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