Posted by: yachtcrewsing | April 28, 2012

Yacht Photo Shoot, Day 2

‘Life imitates art.’ That thought formed in my head as I coincidentally opened Vogue to an advertisement depicting a swimsuit model splayed on the deck of a yacht; coincidental because at that precise moment I was in a swimsuit and sarong, lounging in the top deck of a yacht and was pretending to read Vogue at the behest of a photographer.

My foray into modeling was born out of a combination of necessity and stinginess; the initial quote from our yacht brokerage to photograph the yacht (20120428-222356.jpgcomplete with models) and create a brochure for charter purposes was an astounding $98,000. Despite the fact that everything pertaining to yachts is mind-bogglingly overpriced, this was an expense that was difficult for our captain to justify. Thus, we found a different company and cut some costs, (sadly) one of which was the professional models.

Thus, as they were without any viable options I was unwillingly nominated as the crew member who would play the part of the ‘wealthy guest’ in our little pantomime of charter life onboard our yacht.


After acting as the stewardess and setting up a tantalizing spread of breakfast early in the morning, I was escorted to my wardrobe and advised by the photographer on what I should wear. “Oh, that bikini with the metal detailing is perfect. Now do you have large sunglasses and a sort of wide-brimmed hat? Perfect! Now for a sarong…”

Photographers Getting Ready for the Beach ShootI lounged on the deck for photos and videos while my fellow crew members set up at the private beach off which we had anchored. The remainder of the day was a sequence of walking down the beach, lounging in chairs set up in sea/sand divide with cheese and rosé, wakeboarding, waterskiing and tubing for the cameras. After a brief break for late lunch, we headed out in the tender to film underwater shots.

Just off of the pristine little beach lay the wreck of a small tanker ship, well encrusted with sea life but nonetheless distinguishable for its formerly function. It was here that the deckhand and I were happily instructed to snorkel over, dive down and through and to generally take in the vast array of colorful fish and stingrays that populated the shell of the ship.

After a brief plunge with the onboard SCUBA gear, we were taken back to the yacht for a quick shower and change to be guests in a mock ‘lunch.’ I have never sat at the guest table, and it was certainly a strange experience to be served food with silverware and napkins

20120428-222403.jpgbeautifully folded, by my chief stewardess (read: my superior). The food created by our chef for the video was tantalizing with its beautiful, fresh ingredients and presentation; not being able to eat it was a challenge (it was to be photographed following the video).

By the time all was said and done, it was late and I was EXHAUSTED. Participating in all of the activities that the boat has to offer is outrageously tiring- I have a new-found respect for both models and for the active guests that we are privileged to have aboard!


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