Posted by: yachtcrewsing | May 30, 2012

Forest’s Savannah

“My momma always said life was like a box of chocolates” drawled Forest Gump, perched on a bench in Chippewa Square, “you never know what you’re going to get.”

With those words, the character of Forest also accurately depicted the essence of Savannah, the town in which that famous saying was uttered. Savannah is a city of contrasts, pertaining to the vast variations in architectural methods and style, as well as culture and history.

Situated just slightly upriver from the Georgia coast, Savannah is a stalwart exemplar of Georgia’s history. After it was founded in 1733, the city layout was carefully established by the king’s appointee, James Oglethorpe. He set out a grid pattern in which city squares we’re routinely established amongst the residential blocks; bordering the East and West sides of the parks were municipal buildings while the North and South was allotted for residential purposes. This pattern of parks, roads and buildings all having been carefully laid out gives the city a logical uniformity, while the restored old buildings (and the fact that most structures do not rise above two stories), infuses the area with a sense of peaceful beauty.

It is a challenging endevour to list the vast array of things there are to see and do in Savannah. Merely walking around the squares and streets, browsing through cozy little antique shops, visiting B&Bs situated in old manor houses, listening to live music in the city square or eating at any of the vast array of restaurants available is an exceptional past time in itself.

To those who are more art-oriented, the town is home to SCAD (Savannah College of Art and Design), one of the most prominent American institutions for the arts. With this comes incredible displays of talent showcased in fashion shows, gallery exhibitions and unique items available for purchase. In addition to student art, Savannah is also home to two incredible museums- the Telfair Museum and the Jepson Centre. The Telfair Museum houses classical paintings and sketches, including a large collection of work by Kahlil Gibran (author of The Prophet). Contrasting this is the Jepson Centre, an incredible structure of glass and Portuguese Limestone designed by Moshe Safdie, the famed architect of Montreal’s Habitat 67. Built to ‘respond’ to the atmosphere of the park on which it is situated, the extensive use of glass is intended to draw in those on the exterior; this it successfully accomplishes. Housed within this grand work of structural ingenuity are exhibits of modern art, ranging from hypnotizing light displays dictated by specific algorithms to the tactile to portrait photography.

Whatever a person’s taste, Savannah is sure to please and delight. From the historic to the modern, and the artistic to the fashionable, the city is an eclectic veritable chocolate box of assortment. But I assure you- with Savannah, whatever it is you get you are sure to enjoy.


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