Posted by: yachtcrewsing | June 11, 2012

Charleston Charm

I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting from Charleston; perhaps rows upon rows of plantation-style houses with large wrap around porches sheltering adults drinking iced tea in suits and elegant hats. Perhaps I was expecting horse stables at every city block, a place that was frozen in its own temporal bubble. Whatever my not-fully-formed preconceptions were, the city did not fully comply with them. Sure, there were many churches and old buildings (expected) and the city was undeniably charming, but the Charleston as generated by my mind was much more antiquated, one which complied with the American South as seen in Gone with the Wind.

   The Charleston of reality is much more international in scope. The restaurants, bars and shops are all ones that would be found in any metropolitan city, with a vast array of options. Most stores and restaurants along the bottom of King Street, the main avenue, are chains which include everything from the relatively inexpensive to the high end.

This being said, there is also a large variety of adorable, independent companies nestled within the city centre. Whatever the shopping or dining tastes of the visitor, Charleston is sure to oblige; whatever the architectural preferences, the array of buildings and streets from historic to modern is sure to delight.


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