Posted by: yachtcrewsing | June 23, 2012

Newport, Rhode Island Summer Events

Being back in Newport, Rhode Island for my third consecutive summer is nothing short of wonderful. When the fall melts away and warm temperates permeate the historic waterfront of Newport, the town comes alive with a renewed vibrancy; there is a seemingly infinite amount of events and activities in the next few months, each catering to a vast array of interests and tastes.

The inaugural event of the summer is the America’s Cup World Series, which brings together the best sailors from around the world and the wing-sailed catamarans at the forefront of sailing technology. Following and contrasting this is the arrival of the Tall Ships Festival, showcasing the majestic wonders of the historic sailing vessels.

For those whose interests do not solely revolve around seafaring activities, Newport summer also includes the famous jazz festival, international polo competitions, the folk festival and numerous other food, music and arts festivals.

To start off the Newport events calendar, I attended the charming and intimate Wednesday movie series on the rooftop of the Vanderbilt Hotel, featuring a spectacular view of the sunset over the bay, truffle popcorn, Adirondack chairs and wonderful cocktails served by attentive waiters; a truly fabulous experience, and unparalleled cinema venue.

With Newport, there is so much to experience that no matter when you visit in the summertime you are certain to be entertained and delighted by a variety of sights and events.


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