Posted by: yachtcrewsing | September 10, 2012

Summertime in the Hamptons

Summer has now wound to a close, simultaneously signifying the end of my summer 20121021-165718.jpgworking in Long Island and the start of the yacht down-season.

Long Island, and more specifically the towns of Southampton, East Hampton and West Hampton which comprise the elite collective of ‘the Hamptons,’ is a bizarrely inexplicable place. Small clapboard cottages, tiny farms selling delicious fresh produce from ramshackle roadside stands, hundreds of acres of polo farms, extortionately expensive designer retail stores and some of the priciest mansions in the entire United States all define the region. Driving down the meandering wooded lanes, one feels as if they are in rustic cottage country… Until encountering shops solely dedicated to ‘cashmere,’ ‘polo,’ or ‘tennis.’

While the Hamptons’ pretentiousness almost borders on theatricality, the rest of the main and surrounding islands abound in small-town charm. Ferry hopping from island to 20121021-170036.jpgisland on small car-accommodating boats, one is liable to encounter normal people who are not necessarily A-list celebrities (my housemate having been shopping at the Southampton CVS pharmacy along with Justin Timberlake).

If you are interested in visiting the Hamptons to experience the prestige and fame that surrounds it, then it will surely not disappoint. But do remember that as its luxurious reputation suggests, in the Hamptons nothing comes cheaply.

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