Everyone has a story. Currently mine involves elements of intrigue sure to entice a bored or otherwise unwitting reader- money, exotic places, beautiful people, drama, and of course fast, sleek, multi-million dollar super yachts. If you have not already worked it out for yourself, I have burrowed my way into this general realm of extreme high society as a yacht stewardess. I work and live aboard a 155 foot sailing yacht, on which I sail primarily around the Caribbean, Bahamas and Eastern United States at the behest of the owner.

   My job is amazing and unique. The stories I have gathered like breadcrumbs from other ‘yachties,’ the places I have been and the things I have experienced, both on and off the water, could fill countless Tolstoy-sized volumes. However, to share smaller snippets of the whole picture I have created this blog, in the hopes of having a chronological record of my current life’s trajectory. Within this, I further hope to give some friends and family an insight into my bizarre and exciting world and more successfully answer the perennially posed question “so what exactly is it that you do on this boat?”


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